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Booking Parry to Speak

Parry Aftab is a sought-after public speaker. She is both entertaining and informative. Her events are varied and reflect her passion and expertise. Her presentations have been described as "compelling", "extraordinary," "invaluable", "empowering" and "mindblowing!" And she is at home with professionals as with pre-schoolers. She is the only expert in the field of cybercrime, abuse management and best practices that can go from privacy laws, to Facebook cyberbullying, to sexting, to scams against senior citizens online to computer games and filters and back again.

Ransom Everglades School had this to say about Parry's presentation:
"Parry’s presentation was a dynamic and engaging dialog where students were not merely taught about online safety. Instead, they were made active participants in naming potential and real risks of reckless online activities, and they were led to contribute and to develop strategies for making the internet a safer place for all.  The stories shared both with students and parents were inspiring and eye-opening. They rose awareness of the urgency to become educated and to educate others on issues of online safety and cyber ethics, as well as the need for advocating the development of safer policies and guidelines by companies that facilitate online communication and interaction. The strategic guidelines that Parry shared with our  parents on how to monitor their children’s online behavior and how to develop rules that can contribute to make them safe were enlightening and helpful.

Her presentations are never canned and are creative and designed to address the needs of each event and audience. (She can even do it in Spanish.)

She rarely does panel presentations anymore, and generally does solo speaking events or keynotes. Under special circumstances, she will agree to moderate an important panel at a national or international event.

To view her fee structure for commercial or charity events and for school presentations, visit her speaking fees and information page here at To request her availability to speak at your event or create a program for your organization, complete her Booking Inquiry form.

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