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Consulting Services

Parry Aftab consults on privacy, safety, marketing, trends and business strategic partnerships and best practices. Her consulting is conducted through WiredTrust, a best practices and risk management consulting firm for the Internet, kids and digital industries. She already represents the Internet and family brand leaders and well-funded start-ups, especially in the children's industry. Her clients range from Facebook, to Zynga, to Build-a-Bear Workshop, to Taser, to McAfee, to Nickelodeon, to Disney, and innovative new companies such as Funtank's Candystand, Kidzui and FaceChipz.

She advises venture capital and other funding agencies and conducts due diligence audits for acquisitions on risk management. One meeting with Parry can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes and delays. She knows more about these issues than most other consultants combined. She traditionally works on a flat fee basis determined from your needs and what Parry thinks needs to be done to accomplish your goals. She turns down more clients than most other lawyers and consultants have. She decides who she will represent based on the value she thinks they bring to the industry and their willingness to do the right thing.

As Parry tells it "We can tell you what to do, help you do it or do it for you." From turnkey to light reviews and audits of your practices, Parry and her team at WiredTrust can help you get where you want to be. In this competitive market, Parry reminds everyone that "if you're not doing it right, you won't be doing it for long!"

All consulting inquiries should be submitted by email to Note that no consulting or legal relationship, or obligation of confidentiality, exists without signed retainer agreement of master services agreement.