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Contact Parry

Parry gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of emails each day from people who want her help, companies that want to engage her, parents and kids with questions and students who want her help with a school project. This page will help you understand what inquiries she will respond to and how to best contact her.

For Clients and Prospective Clients

Existing clients should contact her office. Prospective clients, who seek to retain Parry in advisory, consulting or legal capacity should submit an email. Parry or one of her employees will respond. Note that Parry Aftab no longer takes individual clients and only advises Internet and digital technology companies. She also does not refer anyone to other lawyers to handle their case. Note further that nothing you submit to her, unsolicited, will be treated as confidential. And no attorney-client relationship or other fiduciary relationship will be formed without a written retainer agreement signed by Parry Aftab and the client.

For the Media

Media should follow instructions in the media section.

For Victims

She can't respond to every inquiry, no matter how much she wants to. If you have an emergency, please contact your local law enforcement agency. If in doubt about whether it is a true emergency, call and ask them for help. It's better to be safe than sorry. Parry does not respond to individual requests for help, either by phone or by email. For help from one of WiredSafety's cyberharassment and cyberbullying volunteers, visit

For Students

Parry Aftab works with tens of thousands of students every year in person. Teachers are now instructing students to reach out to experts in cybercrime and cybersafety issues for interviews about their area of expertise. Parry receives, on average, 100 of these requests each day. She loves working with students, but doesn't have the time to give student interviews any longer. Parry is building a student homework help page to give students information for their projects, with answers to their frequently-asked questions.

Promotional Inquiries

If you are seeking Parry's help in reviewing your products or listening to you describe your new groundbreaking product or services, fill out the inquiry form. If she thinks there is a value to learning more, she will contact you directly. Please do not call or submit any documents.

Reaching Parry

Parry's NJ office number is 1-201-670-7250. (She does not accept unsolicited faxes.) Her Canadian office number is 1-506-773-0100. She does not publish a mailing address. If you have something to mail her, please send an email requesting the mailing address. She can be reached, also, at 201-463-8663. Members of the media on a deadline should send an email to and try the 1-201-463-8663 number.