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Getting Parry's Help

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Getting Parry's Help

Lots of people and organizations seek Parry's help every single day. Students want to interview her or get her help in school reports or assignments. Freelance and credentialed journalists, movie producers, TV series script writers and news programs seek her advice or expertise. Governmental entities, large corporations and policymakers want to get her help or engage her in some capacity.

In the past Parry had time to work individually with students on special assignments and reports. Unfortunately, she no longer has enough time to do that and still run the charity, WiredSafety, and do everything else she has to get done every day. To help students who seek her help, she has created a special page and resource just for students, answering the most commonly-asked questions she receives and providing some background on cybersafety, cyberlaw, privacy and cyberbullying, the areas where students see her help the most.

Parry no longer takesĀ individuals as new legal clients. She dedicates her time to the charity, and her consulting firm, WiredTrust, and to a handful of special legal clients she advises. She is unable to refer you to lawyers to handle your case and cannot provide legal advice by email.

If you are being victimized online or are having a problem with Facebook or another site, please use that site's report abuse systems. If the problem is not resolved, you can get one-to-one help from WiredSafety's trained volunteers through its cyberhelpline, at There is a self-help tutorial that might help you resolve your problem without having to work with one of the volunteers. Try that first.

If you want Parry to speak at your event or provide consulting services or advice to your business, please use the links provided here to reach her for those purposes. Note that her schedule is typically full for 6 months to a year. Sometimes she can fit in a short engagement or presentation, last minute. But that is the exception, not the rule.