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Kids Internet Law

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Kids Internet Law

Kids’ sites, games and technologies are among the hottest growth markets online. Mobile access, game devices and plain old Internet are connecting our kids more and more. Most of our "wired kids" spend more time connected to digital technologies than sleeping. And it shows!

Most laws relating to the Internet and kids involve privacy or restrictions on marketing. COPPA regulates the activities of a service provider in connection with kids under the age of 13, while CARU's marketing to kids guidelines cover kids under 12, and Spain’s privacy rules cover kids under 14. While the ages may differ, the underlying policy doesn't. Kids take special care. Sites and services directed at them, or which have actual or in some cases, constructive knowledge of kids being on their networks, have to know what laws apply to them and how to comply.

Parry Aftab has been practicing Internet privacy and security law since the Web was launched, and her clients include the leaders of the industry and most household brands. But, she enjoys practicing Kids Internet Law the most, and can answer most legal questions in this space off the top of her head. She helped in the drafting of COPPA and has advised most of the trusted members of the kids industry in structuring their safety and privacy practices ever since.