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The Privacy Lawyer

Parry Aftab is the Privacy Lawyer columnist and blogger for CMP. She uses her expertise as a privacy and security lawyer to help guide the industry on best practices. Because she handles all aspects of privacy, she is one of the leading experts in the world on COPPA and kids Internet law.

She warns clients that "pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered." That means collect what you need and as much as you need as long as you let everyone know what you're doing. But if you step over the line and take more than you should, you'll face angry regulators, users and stakeholders. Just because you are technologically capable of collecting info and tracking every digital footprint, the more you store the more you have liability to keep secure.

What do you really know about the info you collect? Are you using it? Do you know where you collect it? How you combine it? Start by preparing a data map. And check out Parrys article on where data access and intake can remain under your radar.