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Making the Digital World and You and Your Family Safer Since 1995

Parry Aftab was among the world's first cyberlawyers, helping found the field of cyberlaw 23+ years ago. Since then, as a digital privacy and security lawyer, she has advised nations, UNESCO and the UN, digital and entertainment industry leaders and well-known household brands. Parry has been named to and headed national and global task forces. Her keynote presentations and events receive the highest praise from industry and consumers alike.

She believes that the best time to address digital risks is before they occur. No one wants to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for the wrong reason. Reputations are hard-won and easily-lost.

Parry Aftab has been among the most sought-after experts and advisors in the field of digital privacy law, best practices and risk-management since 1995. Her unique insight into social media risks and how to design approaches, policies and procedures to address them is among the most respected in the world.

As the founder of the world's first cybersafety and help group 23+ years ago, she has been on the front lines of protecting children, families, vulnerable communities and consumers longer than anyone else. And what she has learned in assisting millions of digital users globally helps her anticipate risks for her clients and quickly react to address them.

"The Leading Cybercrime Expert in the United States"
The Boston Herald

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When someone is hurt, or they are angry and embarrassed, they want justice. And to many, justice means courts, lawyers, police, jail and judges. But most cyberbullying isn’t a crime. Learn More About Cyberbullying and the Law...

What Can We Learn From Facebook's Cambridge Analytica?

Parry Aftab hosted a discussion about digital trust, unintended consequences and duty of care with Barbara Lawler (former CPO HP and Intuit) and Donna Kostigen (Symantec)

Should Data Regulation Protect Us From Ourselves?

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Parry Aftab offers a wide range of advisory and policy development services for governments, digital industry and household brand leaders and well-funded start-ups. Whether you’re a social media start-up or a bustling multinational, she can help you succeed. Get in touch with her today to learn more about our services to the digital industry and how working with Parry Aftab can work for you.


“Parry Aftab is a world leader on cybersafety and child protection on the Internet. She has done invaluable work ." (check out his video by clicking "Learn More")

Vinton Cerf - The "Father of the Internet"

“Parry Aftab is part Wonder Woman, part Super Mom and part Oprah Winfrey! 

Jules Polonetsky - Future of Privacy Forum

“Parry Aftab is one of the good guys! Children are safer because of her work.” (check out his video on Parry, by clicking "Learn More")

Dr. Phil McGraw - "Dr. Phil"

Parry Aftab's Honors, Awards and Board Positions

Parry Aftab has been honored by the US Congress, appointed to head the US national action committee for UNESCO's child digital protection initiative, received the US White House President's Service Award, the FBI Director's Award, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Canadian Child Recovery Award, and served on the boards of directors and advisory boards of industry giants, from Sesame Street Online, to MTV, McAfee and Facebook. She has been selected as a spokesperson for Disney, McAfee, XBox and others over the years and advised several nations and legislative bodies (including the US Congress) on policy and digital strategy, best practices and legal frameworks and policy. She has authored several books and is an award-winning columnist. More About Parry

Parry Aftab is an Expert for News and Media Outlets

Parry Aftab is a favorite of US and global news and media outlets. She has been quoted in thousands of articles and appeared in hundreds of on-camera news and TV shows. She has been featured in most business and consumer publications, from Newsweek, Business Week, Cranes, Information Week (where she had her own "Privacy Lawyer" column), Seventeen Magazine, People, Times, Scholastic, Biography Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Readers Digest, the Sunday Times, Playboy, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Weekly Reader, the Wall Street Journal, the Irish Times, the Times of India, the South China Morning News, Strait Times, the New York Times, NY Post and others. To learn more check out her In The News page.

Protecting and Helping Children and the Vulnerable Online


Parry Aftab founded and runs WiredSafety, the world's first cybersafety and help group, operating around the world through its unpaid volunteers (including Parry). She created StopCyberbullying Global, Cybersafety India and other world-leading expert and advocacy groups and continues to fight to protect the vulnerable online. UNESCO, the FBI, the RCMP, Interpol and the Home Office have worked with her to protect children online. Several nations have selected her to design their programs and help keep their citizens safer online. The Girl Scouts of the USA, faith-based organizations, Children's Television Workshop, Viacom, Disney, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Instagram and others have sought her advice and programs to make the digital world safer, more private and more secure.

Parry speaks to parents, students K-12 and community stakeholder groups around the world. She mentors youth digital empowerment and peer-advisors and advises schools on digital risk management, compliance and how to engage students in digital life skills programs, including how to stop cyberbullying and address sexting, morphing and sextortion. She also hosts global summits using children and teens together with industry and policy leaders.

Among other awards and honors, she has received the FBI Director's Award, the RCMP national Child Recovery Award and was appointed by UNESCO to form and oversee its US initiative on sexual-exploitation of children online.


Parry Aftab believes that we need an ecosystem to support digital safety, security and privacy. All consumers and children need to develop digital life skills. All innovators need to create innovative technologies, services and products that serve our needs. All governments need to adopt effective policies, laws when needed and restraint when they are not. And the industry needs to work together with experts and advocacy groups to identify and maintain best practices. Only by working together for the common good can we help the Internet evolve in a healthy and responsible way. It's what keeps her motivated.

She does her part, through programs on cyberwellness, by influencing policy and best practice standards, by advising and serving on boards and by helping educate all stakeholders and providing awareness and help to those who need it online.

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