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Parry's Speaking, Presentations and Events

Parry Aftab is a sought-after speaker on all issues digital, from cybercrime, cybersecurity and abuse, to children, tweens and teens online, to social networking, cyberterrorism, radicalizaton, national policy and best practices online. Parry Aftab is a featured and keynote speaker at large industry events and UN conferences. She is among the leading speakers on privacy, consumer protection, cyberbullying, sexting and cybercrime issues globally. 











While one of her greatest joys is addressing students, the younger the better, her availability for school programs is limted to six a year. She donates presentations in her local areas and serving low-income communities whenever she can. Her presentations for parents, while receiving high ratings, must be booked together with programs for the students.

Parry is a repeat SXSW featured speaker on digital privacy, cybersafety and cybercrime issues. She has appeared at CES multiple times, on behalf of Disney, McAfee and others. Parry Aftab addressed the American Library Association's annual meeting to cover free speech and library filtering issues, has testified before the US Congress many times on a variety of issues, from legalization of online gaming, to cyberbullying, cyberterrorism, child safety and privacy. Canadian Parliament invited her to testify on surveillance, privacy and cyberbullying. And she has conducted presentations for the UK Parliament and House of Lords, UNESCO, the UN, Art of Living and the Global Leadership Forum, the FTC, Interpol, Singapore's MDA, the Ministry of Justice for Italy and the Australian Broadcasting Authority, among others.

Her speaking fees help support her work for WiredSafety, Cybersafety India and StopCyberbullying. They begin at USD$5000 and range to $12,500 plus travel expenses. She provides mistress of ceremony services for special events and summits. The fees for her MC activities, hosting events and conferences, workshops and training sessions vary.

If you have an upcoming event and want to see if Parry Aftab is the right fit and available, please submit a speaking inquiry form. You should provide the dates, if they are firm, or the rough schedule if they are still flexible, the location, the hosting entity and prime sponsors. She will not consider a panelist role, but may consider a panel moderation role for the right event on the right topic.

Each presentation, speech and appearance is customized for the needs of the sponsor and audience. And all school events are age appropriate from K-12th grade. You should ask for her "booking Parry to speak at your event" terms before making any inquiries. Many FAQs are covered there. It will address whether her presentation may be videotaped and under what conditions, as well as travel requirements, fee ranges and how she works with you to make sure that your goals are met and more.

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Examples of Parry's speaking topics and audiences

Parry's luncheon speech at IEEE in Delhi

Testifying Before Governmental Agencies or Governmental Bodies

The story behind this video shot at a Marine Base in Yuma several years ago when Parry Aftab was invited by the Base Commander to work with their kids...Parry interviewed several kids and young teens without briefing them. After 45 minutes, you can see how much they learned. It doesn't take much, just including them in the conversation.

Parry Aftab's Teen Experts in Action NY CEA 

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