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Parry Aftab's Speaking and Media Appearances

Parry's Upcoming Events

Parry Aftab's speaking appearances, Mistress of Ceremony services and hosted events run the gamut from cybersecurity and digital cutting edge policy issues, to cyberbullying and cybersafety to UN expert summits on a range of cyber-related challenges. She is hosting a series of global Digital Policy - Remembering the Human roundtables, culminating with a UN-based summit in Vienna in early 2019. The first of these roundtables will occur in Delhi, India on February 16, 2018. To review more about the Digital Policy - Remembering the Human series, visit Parry's Human-Centric Policy page. To see some of Parry Aftab's upcoming and recent speaking appearances and events, visit Where in the World is Parry Aftab?

Parry in the News - Media Appearances

Parry Aftab is among the favorite experts for US and global media and news agencies. She has been featured in several books, as well as writing her own and contributing to others. Two years ago her global travels prevented her from appearing on-air or being accessible for breaking news. She often was the breaking news! (Parry Aftab has appeared in thousands of print articles, referenced in thousands of books and appeared hundreds of times on air as an expert.)

Aside from her expertise and credibility, news agencies turn to her because she can address most cyberlaw, cyberabuse and cybercrime-related issues, from the safety of children online to cyberterrorism to hate, bigotry and harassment online. She can address social innovations, the dark side and the extraordinary benefits of digital technology. And she does it all with ease. Complicated issues become understandable in her hands. 





















For Members of the Media:
In the unlikely event that Parry is not able to appear, comment or provide the requisite expertise, she has a network of fellow-experts in a wide range of areas to whom she can refer the bookers and producers.

Many producers and journalists come to her first for ideas on how to frame a story or for leads on promising topics. She works with free-lancers and helps collect interesting guests and commentors to bring life to the story. If you want to be on her "trusted list" of journalists, producers and bookers, send her an email and she will provide access to an internal page briefing news agencies on the issues, breaking news and important digital issues of the day. You can also reach her quickly on LinkedIn or by phone. Both are available on our Contact Us page. Looking for story ideas or perspectives? Parry posts often on her LinkedIn account. Follow or connect with her. If they ask you to provide an email before you can send her an invitation, use

which News and media outlets turn to Parry Aftab? 

Parry Aftab is a well-respected expert for news agencies, television and print publications.

Parry Aftab has appeared in more than 2000 articles and on-air hundreds of times for leading TV shows around the world.

Some examples of Parry Aftab in the Media (Google her for her latest appearances):

Thanks! Message sent. If this is a request on a tight deadline, call Parry Aftab at +1-201-673-4455.

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