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Parry Aftab is "Authentic, Passionate and Charismatic"

Parry Aftab is often described using the same three adjectives: authentic, passionate and charismatic. She says she is best described as the elephant in the famous fable, the elephant and the blindmen. Depending on which section of the elephant that particular blindman touched, he described the entire elephant accordingly. The blindman grasping the elephant's tail saw it as long and thin with a bushy end. The one grasping the elephant's ear thought the entire creature was like a giant bat with huge wings. The one touching the elephant's leg thought the animal was like a tree trunk and the one touching the trunk thought it was like a giant snake. Depending on how you encounter Parry Aftab, you will see her as a global policy expert, a child advocate, an innovator and someone whom believes deeply in the power of digital technology for good. But, like the magical elephant, Parry is a sum of her real and virtual so many say - "she is just Parry." Learn more about all her parts at About Parry.

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